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Jack Mendoza / Puño
Mac and the Great Feast. A tale about wounds.

(Mac y el gran banquete (Aventuras en Body Town. Primeras lecturas))


  • Published: 05/10/2017
  • ISBN: 9788448848729
  • 24 pages

Welcome to BodyTown, the place where cells, bacteria and viruses become heroes and villains.
The human body is like a city where millions of tiny beings live together. Each one of them does a different job so that everything works properly: there are cooks, policemen, transporters... But, careful, there are also intruders and criminals who will put your health to test.
Mac is about to graduate from Bodytown Academy to become a macrophage, the cell in charge of cleaning and disinfecting wounds by eating bacteria and waste. But Mac has a dream: to become a chef and, instead of eating the bacteria as if they were garbage, he has come up with all kinds of recipes for cooking them and opening his own luxury restaurant.