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Guillermo Ferrara
Adam's Secret

(El secreto de Adán)

Commercial Fiction / Inspirational Novel

  • Published: 31/08/2007
  • ISBN: 9786071111555

This is the first installment of the bestselling “Trilogy of Light”. Adam Roussos receives an urgent call from his friend Aquiles Vangelis, asking him to travel back to his home country: Greece. Aquiles wants to show him his archeological discoveries. When Adam arrives in Athens, he receives a message from Alexia, Aquiles’s daughter, telling him that his friend has been kidnapped. With the few clues they have, they must find out what it is that he has actually discovered and figure out who is behind his disappearance. With an action-packed plot set in Greece, Mexico, and London, it is a novel based on true, scientific information that touches on various topics related to spiritual growth.

About the author

Guillermo Ferrara is a therapist, philosopher, and author of 22 books, which have been translated into English, Greek, German, French, Chinese, Serbian, Russian, and Portuguese. A scholar of ancient civilizations and ancestral cultures, specialized in holistic philosophy and transpersonal psychology.