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Comic / Graphic Novel

  • Published: 04/05/2017
  • ISBN: 9788466337663
  • 572 pages

This book is a compilation of the best of “good ole Cuttlas.” Created by Calpurnio, one of Spain’s most important illustrators and cartoonists. Cuttlas the stick-figure cowboy has been an essential character in Spanish comics for more than thirty years. Accompanied by his inseparable friends Jim, 37 (an alien), Juan Bala, Kraftwerk (his favorite band), and his girlfriend Mabel, Cuttlas faces up to Jak the Villain, the Indians, and many more dangers in a Far West where action, romanticism, absurd humor and a certain metaphysical slant come together in unique, inimitable style. Cuttlas has appeared in numerous prestigious Spanish outlets, and his minimalist look has made him immediately recognizable to an entire generation. This cowboy is so popular he’s been brought back from the dead twice now.

About the author

SPAINCalpurnio is the pseudonym of Eduardo Pelegrín Martínez de Pisón (Zaragoza, 1959), one of Spain’s most important illustrators. The author of comics, posters, record covers, animated films and exhibitions, as well as an eclectic DJ, he is the creator of the strip El bueno de Cuttlas, whose protagonist has become an indispensable character in the history of Spanish comics. He has worked for such magazines and newspapers as Makoki, El Víbora, Interviú, El País and 20 Minutos.

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