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César Pérez Gellida
Consummatum Est (Verses, Songs and Bits of Flesh III)

(Consummatum est (Versos, canciones y trocitos de carne 3))

Commercial Fiction / Thriller

  • Published: 01/03/2014
  • ISBN: 9788483656402
  • 680 pages

Augusto Ledesma has done it again. This time the crime scene is a small Icelandic town, where he has cruelly and inhumanely executed an entire family. However, this time he is guided not only by hatred, but also by a bloodthirsty desire for revenge: only by avenging his brother can he achieve his anxiously awaited existential harmony. Action and psychological thriller combine in a novel that now focuses on the hows and whys behind a series of events that will plunge readers into a disquieting and anxious atmosphere.

About the author

SPAIN- César Pérez Gellida (Valladolid, 1974) studied History and Geography. With his first novel, Memento mori, he began his very promising literary career. The novel was acclaimed by the critics and he was awarded the award Premio Racimo de oro de literatura. After Memento Mori, he has published the two other installments of the trilogy Dies Irae, and Consummatum est. Add to this, he also has written the thriller Khimera and is the creator of the trilogy named Refranes, canciones y rastros de sangre, formed by Sarna con gusto, Cuchillo de palo and, finally, A grandes males, whose main character is the troubled inspector Ramiro Sancho.