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Pedro García Aguado / Francisco Castaño Mena
Learning to Raise Children

(Aprender a educar)

Commercial Non-Fiction / Parenting

  • Published: 25/09/2014
  • ISBN: 9788425352584
  • 176 pages

  From their site, they stress the importance of a family education to prevent any problems that parents might encounter regarding their children, such as academic failure, misbehavior or drug consumption. This is a compilation of techniques, practical cases, and many more resources that will help parents raise happier and healthier children.

About the author

Pedro García Aguado is a coach at the TV shows Hermano Mayor and El Campamento, where he helps kids deal with drug addiction problems and behavior disorders.

Francisco Castaño Mena is a high school teacher and a tutor for Aula Oberta, the program that deals with children who have low self-esteem, behavior disorders, special needs, or are in social risk of any kind.