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Amaia Cía Abascal
Sarah and Ulysses 1. A Very Special Gift

(Sara y Ulises 1.Un regalo muy especial)

Children and Young Adult / Early Readers

  • Published: 05/09/2013
  • ISBN: 9788448836368
  • 32 pages

Sarah is a brave and determined happy child. On the other hand, there is Ulysses, a grumpy cantankerous teddy bear. Despite their differences, they can never be apart from each other. Sarah is not afraid of spiders, swings or potato chips... she is just fearful of monsters; whilst Ulysses dreads spiders, swings and French fries... but never fears monsters. Sarah expected a special gift for her birthday. You don’t turn 5 every day, you know? It had to be something really cool and huge, like a little brother. But instead of a brother, Sarah got Ulysses, who was hoping to find a good Bear family. Ulysses dreamt about a Bear mother and plenty of Bear brothers to play with. However, when the package was opened, there  were no bears, but Sarah.

About the author

After only four years writing children’s books, Amaia Cía Abascal has received many awards in Spain for her publications.