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Fortunata Barrios
Secretly Yours

(Secretamente tuya)

Commercial Fiction / Women's Fiction

  • Published: 01/12/2013
  • ISBN: 9786123091309
  • 112 pages

Is there anything more unsettling than finding out about the specifics of our mother’s deeply transgressive, secret, philandering sex life? And what if it is all revealed while she is in a coma and we do not know how aware of things she actually is? Married but not satisfied, loyal but not exactly faithful, after happening upon a bunch of letters and a pistol hidden under the floor, she must face up to disquieting revelations to clear up some mysteries.

About the author

Fortunata Barrios is a writer and editor. She has been a columnist at the magazines Gourmet Latino, Deco: Revista de Diseño, Arquitectura y Decoración; the cultural journals Umbral: Revista del conocimiento y la ignorancia, El Dominical, the newspaper El Comercio and El Idiota Ilustrado. Her recent collaboration with the men’s magazine Fausto gave rise to Romina (2011).