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Sergio Fernández / Raimon Samsó
Mission Start Up

(Misión emprender)

Business & Economics

  • Published: 04/05/2017
  • ISBN: 9788416029938
  • 304 pages

This books combines the 70 habits to become a successful entrepreneur.
The job market is undergoing a revolution. Stable jobs are disappearing. This forces us to reinvent ourselves. More and more people are choosing entrepreneurship. However, frequently they do so without the necessary attitude, knowledge or commitment, which is why around 85% of the entrepreneurial projects fail before five years, something that could be avoided with adequate preparation. Starting a business isn’t a goal in itself or a job opportunity but a mission that gives life meaning, a way to offer our worth to other human beings and a major personal transformation.

About the author

Sergio Fernández is founder of the Instituto del Pensamiento Positivo, an entrepreneur and director of the master’s programs Emprendedores and Desarrollo personal and of the radio program Pensamiento Positivo. He is the author of Vivir sin jefe, Vivir sin miedos and Vivir con abundancia, among other books.

Raimon Samsó holds a degree in economic sciences and is the creator of the Instituto de Expertos that provides personal brand training to authors, coaches and thought leaders. He is the author of 16 books of personal and professional development.