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Leonardo Oyola


Literary Fiction

  • Published: 01/05/2014
  • ISBN: 9789873650390
  • 224 pages

June, 29th, 2009. Nafta Súper, the leader of a local criminal gang, comes wounded into the Hospital Paroissiens. The guys who brought him in demand that the doctors save his life, while they entrench themselves waiting for the police to show up. In the middle of negotiations and before the imminent shootout, the doctor attending Nafta Súper discovers he is no ordinary man.

About the author

ARGENTINA – Leonardo A. Oyola was born in 1973 in western Buenos Aires. His short stories have been selected for various anthologies and graphic novels in Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Mexico, Spain and France. He has published the Santería y Sacrificio novels, for the «Negro Absoluto» collection directed by Juan Sasturain, as well as Kryptonita, Siete y el Tigre Harapiento, Hacé que la noche venga & Bolonqui y Gólgota. En 2015, Kryptonita was adapted for the big screen by Nicanor Loreti and was a box-office success. In 2016, the channel Space premiered the series Nafta Súper which is based on the same book.

Rights sold

  • France: Ombres Noires