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Miquel Silvestre
Diary of a Nomad

(Diario de un nómada)

Commercial Non-Fiction / Lifestyle

  • Published: 27/02/2015
  • ISBN: 9788401347443
  • 448 pages

One hundred days, 10 countries, and 20,000 kilometers on two wheels. A spectacular motorcycle trip through South America delving through the tracks of a history that we have almost forgotten: the discovery of a land. A journey from South to North on the trail of those who never had it easy but refused to give up to get their names written in History. A voyage through the Perito Moreno glacier, the Río de la Plata estuary, the Atacama desert and the Amazon, ending up at the immense Pacific Ocean. Diario de un nómada is a trip, a documentary and also a book. It is the dream of living a big adventure on a small budget, modest technical means and a lot of excitement.

About the author

Miquel Silvestre, traveller and writer, has been through more than 100 countries to tell the truth of what he sees with his own eyes. He travels by motorcycle and he writes for the thrill it gives him, and also because it is the best balcony onto the reality that he knows. It will be appreciated by the readers of Ted Simon’s Dreaming of Jupiter, Jupiter’s Travel or Riding High.