Begoña Oro / Ester Garay

Nico the Rabbit
(¿Vamos a cenar? (El conejo Nico 1))


Publish date: 04-05-2018


ISBN: 9788448849788

Nico is the newest star in the Beascoa catalogue!
Are you ready to meet Nico the rabbit?

Nico is mischievous, piggish and scatter-brained. He’s not the best at sharing. He’s prone to boredom and anger. He tells a white lie or two. He finds the forest and then he finds out who he is… Live all the typical experiences of a 1–4 year old child. Each book has a very simple anecdote with the most hilarious of endings!
* Carefully designed board book with rounded corners for 1–4 years.

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