Rebecca Beltrán / Mercè López Ascanio

Your Heart in a Chest
(Tu corazón en un cofre)

Children and Young Adult


ISBN: 9788448835453

Once upon a time there was an evil queen, who, jealous of the beauty of her stepdaughter, Snow White, ordered a hunter to kill her in the forest. In order to make sure he did it, the queen asked him to bring her the girl’s heart. The hunter repented, got the queen a deer’s heart, which was to be cooked and eaten by her. The truth is that the queen did not devour Snow White’s heart; she put it in a chest and it became the first heart of the Royal Collection of Hearts.

Over the years, the queen took many hearts which she saved in chests. This book tells the forgotten stories of those hearts. Among the stories, readers will find an Instruction Guide to the Heart, advice on surviving heartbreak, an explanation of the Anatomy of the Heart, and much more! A modern, ironic, subtle and humorous way to explain feelings, emotions and relationships.

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