Diego Armando Maradona & Daniel Arcucci

Mexico 86
(México 86. Así ganamos la copa)

Commercial Non-Fiction

Publish date: 04-01-2016


Thirty years from those magical plays, and after a life in sports marked by controversy, Maradona tells for the first time, in the first person, the untold stories behind that one-of-a-kind World Cup. In this book, he tells us about each and every game and what happened afterward in the locker room, but also the months leading up to the World Cup. He also explains the mystery behind «El Gran Capitán» Passarella (’78 World Cup Champion) leaving the team, the strategies and tactics that revolutionized the game, the public’s hostility, his relationship to drugs: the clean World Cup, the «final» with England, the Hand of God, and the best goal in football history.

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