Laura Ferrero

What are you going to do with the rest of your life
(Qué vas a hacer con el resto de tu vida)

Novela literaria

Publisher: Alfaguara

Publish date: 11-09-2017


ISBN: 9788420419602

At the age of thirty, Laura decides to leave her partner and leave Ibiza, the island where she has lived all her life, to move to New York.

Her youth was characterized by the difficult relationship she had with her family: her father, a geographer and a specialist on «islands», is a hard-shelled intolerant man that keeps himself to himself; her mother disappeared from their lives without a trace only to come back five years later; and above all, her brother Pablo, who finds, through painting, the way to combat his mental illness.

The past and the present collide in New York as she starts to work for a small publishing house and goes to classes that Gael, her mother’s mysterious friend, teaches at Columbia University. But who is Gael? What does he know about everything that has happened with her family? Exactly what role has he had in their lives?

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