Pau Arenós


Food & Drink

Publish date: 06-08-2017


ISBN: 9788499927459

Dish! is a collection of 32 gastronomical journeys all over the world to find the perfect food and the stories of the people who prepare it. A delicious account from Spain’s National Gastronomic Prize winner Pau Arenós that is full of humor, precision, enthusiasm, and sometimes disappointment.

Journalist and writer Pau Arenós searches (unsuccessfully) for the perfect escalope in Vienna, meets up with the renowned Roca brothers to eat in their restaurant in Girona for the first time, wolves down insects in Mexico City, drinks the legendary- and disappearing- Pingus 1995 in Copenhagen, finds the most expensive ramen in the world in Tokyo, dines at the secret table of a butcher-chef in Lima who makes him devour the meat with his hands, explains from London how the best restaurants on the planet are chosen, hears how Jamie Oliver explains how his name is now more important than he is, and shares a meal in Paris with the legendary chef Alain Senderens who confesses that he’s fed up of sauces and Michelin stars.

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