María José Caro

Black-eyed dog
(Perro de ojos negros)

Literary Fiction


ISBN: 9786124244988

Macarena stumbles distractedly through the pressures of adulthood. Everyday trials, such as depression and migraines, are sublimated through her gaze, which constantly finds symbols where others see only objects.


Macarena has just returned to Lima after a stay in Madrid, where she was studying and escaping from a city she just couldn’t see herself in anymore. Madrid was the perfect getaway, a step forward that forced her to make decisions and confront what is truly important to her. However, she is haunted by feelings of rootlessness, and her journey brings readers face to face with their own «black-eyed dogs» of depression.


The story is enriched by constant leaps in time and geography, perfectly chiseled characters, a language that’s filled with nuances, and atmospheres that reflect the protagonist’s anxieties, fears, and desires.

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