Xavier Barriga / María Jesús Callejo

Bread & Health
(Pan y salud)

Commercial Non-Fiction


ISBN: 9788416220656

All that you need to know about the preparation of bread and eating it healthily.  


Bread is a staple part of our diets, but frequently we don’t know how we should eat it, how to adapt it for people with food intolerances or about the energetic value it offers. In this book, take a journey through the world of bread and cereals: customs that involve bread; the nutritional value of each type of grain; how much bread should we eat according to our age and gender; clarifying the difference between celiac disease and other food disorders relating to gluten.


The authors also explain the different types of cereals, from age-old wheats like spelt or kamut®, to the so-called «pseudocereals» like quinoa, and how they differ in their nutritional value as well as which ones are suitable for celiacs. All this is illustrated and with delicious recipes for homemade bread. Because, above all, this book promotes the consumption of healthy and tasty bread: bread of a certain quality.

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