Soledad Romero Mariño / David Navas

Metallica (Band Records 2)
(Metallica (Band Records 2))


Publisher: Reservoir Books


ISBN: 9788417125059

The story of the legendary heavy metal band Metallica explained to young readers!

This picture book tells the story of the beginnings of the band Metallica, the fiery symbol of thrash metal. A fascinating tale that started in Los Angeles when Lars Ulrich, a promising young tennis player, abandoned his career to start a band and become the best drummer in the world.

That’s how Ulrich and friends started on their unexpected path through the ferocious world of metal. A story that is full of the values that rock had left for a generation: freedom, courage, independence and being true to yourself.

The Band Records collection brings generations closer together and invites parents and children to relive and experience the era when rock was born.

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