Adriana González Márquez

(Mestizo (La era de los Místicos 1))

Young Adult Literature

Publisher: Montena

Publish date: 11-08-2016


ISBN: 9786073149709

Half-Breed is the first in the Age of the Mystics, a new trilogy by Adriana González Márquez, the author who took her readers to a world of fantasy.


Matheo Govami must flee his parents’ house because he has been unjustly accused of committing a series of murders. The rebellious guardian hides where no one will ever think to look for him, but when his friends are accused of treason for trying to hide him, he must return to cleanse his name and save those who helped him.

 Things become complicated when the young Eridani, who he hates at first but slowly comes to like and trust, is kidnapped and shut in a dungeon. Those responsible for the murders and the kidnapping of young Eridani are dragons that live in the lost tundra. The energy that used to contain them has dissipated and they are now free to do what they like, and what they like is to have power and vengeance. Their first action is to attempt to get rid of all the half-breeds (the children of dragons and humans), so that they can later conquer the humans.



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