Edgardo Buscaglia

Money Laundering and Political Corruption
(Lavado de dinero y corrupción política)

Commercial Non-Fiction

Publisher: Debate

Publish date: 10-01-2015


ISBN: 9786073135191

Money laundering is a «predicate» offense, meaning that it is always preceded by other crimes. After a painstaking analysis of those primary crimes in various countries, this investigation details the typical phases of money laundering—the initial placement, layering and integration—with an emphasis on the political corruption that supports the process.


This important book offers an extensive mapping that clearly and definitively shows how different economic sectors (banks, companies in the service and real estate sectors, remittance transfer mechanisms, the pharmaceutical sector, among others) are involved in processing criminal money in movements so complex they can travel through up to 17 countries. The author proposes criteria for predicting the infiltration of criminal networks into politics and into companies within the formal economic sectors, thereby creating the means to corrupt authorities and launder capital.

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