César Bona

Schools That Will Change the World
(Las escuelas que cambian el mundo)

Commercial Non-Fiction

Publisher: Plaza & Janés

Publish date: 09-08-2016


ISBN: 9788401017490

Runner up for the Global Teacher Prize, dubbed as the Nobel for teachers, César is a modern phenomenon. His focus: the schools that humbly «turn the world upside down»



Seven different towns and cities have one thing in common: «changemaker schools». Bona uses a personal approach to recount all the ways in which these centers get «to change the world». He has visited these schools to share what he has witnessed: what they are doing, what they have achieved, how innovative their methods are, and how everyone—from young children to adults— gets involved in the school, in order to transform their reality. Children are not the adults of tomorrow but the children of today and that if we let them be children, if we reinforce their natural creativity, their overwhelming imagination, and if we work on their empathy, solidarity, and respect, they can already change the world now.

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