Daniel Chavarría

The Sixth Isle
(La sexta isla)

Literary Fiction

Publisher: Alfaguara

Publish date: 09-05-2016


ISBN: 9789974741478

A personal universe, with its own rules, where noir, politics, eroticism, and erudition are skillfully combined




Chavarría is a master of intrigue, featuring one-of-a-kind characters in almost perfect balance, with irresistible appeal for both more literary readers and those looking for an addictive, engaging read.


The kidnapping of Sicilian Lou Capote, a member of an important multinational company that hides key spying secrets; the adventures of Bernardo Piedrahita, an Uruguayan intellectual obsessed with the highs and lows of his relationship to God; and the path of the adventurer Álvaro de Mendoza, who travels through Europe and finally reaches the Cuba of the 17th century. These three characters are linked by their common traits: their passions, their fears, their search for the truth, and their eagerness to know themselves.

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