Benito Olmo

The Tortoise Maneuver
(La maniobra de la tortuga)

Commercial Fiction

Publisher: Suma de Letras

Publish date: 05-12-2016


ISBN: 9788483658659

A crime novel set in Cádiz with various narrative threads that weave a web you’ll find impossible to escape.


Unfortunate events force irreverent inspector Manuel Bianquetti to accept a forced transfer to the Cádiz Police Station, which seems sure to be a quiet post until the corpse of a sixteen-year-old girl is found. Her violent death brings up memories of a past he is unable to shake. Despite the opposition of his superior officers, Inspector Bianquetti sets off on a solitary crusade to catch the murderer, following the trail of clues and evidence that may only be figments of his imagination.

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