Luis Montero Manglano

The Prophet's Chain
(La Cadena del Profeta (Los buscadores 2))

Commercial Fiction

Publish date: 06-04-2015


ISBN: 9788401015755

The second Installment of the Trilogy Following the devastating ending of La mesa del rey Salomón, Tirso Alfaro and the surviving Searchers now face some baffling yet somehow interconnected robberies from various Spanish archives and libraries. All signs seem to indicate that the mysterious Voynich organization is behind the thefts. The Searchers’ new adventure involves a gold
chain that grants its holder the wisdom of the ages, the stolen fragments of the Islamic codex known as El Mardud of Seville and Interpol’s intervention as an obstacle to their search. They will have to travel through the sacred cities of Mali to reach Bandiagara, the home of one of the most ancient and mysterious tribes in Africa. The end of their search will mark a sea change in the lives of Tirso and his fellow Searchers.

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