Toño Fraguas

Does Happines Exist?
(¿Existe la felicidad?)

Commercial Non-Fiction

Publish date: 10-08-2015


ISBN: 9788401015427

From Running to Sofathlon: How to Run away from the Business of Happiness to Achieve Comfort.

Happiness is trendy these days. It is particularly trendy to shout out from the rooftops just how happy you are. We are told we have to be optimists by the champions of so-called positive psychology, whose books top the bestsellers’ lists. In a world
where we are constantly bombarded with the recipe for achieving happiness, as if constant joy were an obligation, Toño Fraguas takes apart —with humor, irony and the perfect dose of erudition— contemporary clichés about happiness, while
showing that the path to finding it —if it exists— is already within us.

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