Pablo Bernasconi

Little Captain Arsenio's Dream: An Inventor's Diary
(El sueño del pequeño Capitán Arsenio)

Children and Young Adult

Publisher: Sudamericana

Publish date: 08-01-2013


ISBN: 9789500744126

In this story, we will get to know Captain Arsenio as a child, and learn the stories of his other inventions: early versions of the motorcycle, the lawnmower, the microwave, the submarine, and the elevator, amongst others. Although Arsenio’s inventions weren’t exactly perfect, one thing’s for sure: they had an impact on the history of humanity.

When Arsenio was a little boy he liked to imagine and invent things, fancying himself another Leonardo da Vinci. He would sit down at his desk with pencil and paper and start thinking about what things the world needed that didn’t yet exist.

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