Jessica Iskander

The Koi Carp Encounter
(El encuentro de los peces Koi)

Commercial Fiction


ISBN: 9786073152839

An inspirational, magical and bold novel that will change all that you know about love, happiness and even your own reality.

Legend has it that the Koi carp who manage to swim upstream in a river and jump over a waterfall transform into dragons as a reward for their efforts. Will Mariano be bold and transform into a dragon?

Mariano is successful at whatever he does. His body, his house, his good taste, amongst other things, are the picture of a dream life. His day to day, however, is far from perfection. He’s slowly losing it and he no longer recognizes the person he sees in the mirror.

But one day he meets a woman that will show him the other side of the coin. With her he will experience one of the most eye-opening journeys ever: the journey deep inside himself. Will he be able to take off his masks, face his fears and put an end to the lie he is living? Will he opt for love, dreams or a new life?

With a very unique magic, Jessica Iskander narrates a world of colors, feelings and struggle. The Koi Carp Encounter is a novel which invites us to be ourselves through music, art and love.

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