Javier Castillo

The Day Sanity Was Lost
(El día que se perdió la cordura)

Commercial Fiction

Publisher: Suma de Letras

Publish date: 02-02-2017


ISBN: 9788483659052

Self-published on Amazon, it has sold 45,000 copies in digital format, holding steady in the top ranks of suspense and crime fiction


A murder challenges the limits of sanity to lead a psychiatrist and an FBI agent on a hunt for a killer, without knowing that the case’s resolution will unleash dark parts of their own pasts. Masterfully narrated in three time periods, this fast-paced thriller explores the extremes of human experience.


In central Boston, at 12 AM on December 24th, a naked man walks holding the decapitated head of young woman. The director of the city’s psychiatric center and an FBI profiler take on an investigation that will put both their lives and their very understanding of sanity at risk, leading them back to some random events that took place in the mysterious town of Salt Lake seventeen years earlier.

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