María Frisa

Sport is the worst! (School Sucks #2)
(El deporte es lo peor (¡Abajo el cole! 2))

Children and Young Adult

Publisher: Alfaguara

Publish date: 04-12-2017


ISBN: 9788420485959

When you’re Hugo…

  1. You’ve won the basketbal championship with your Friends and you all go to a luxuty resort which turns out to be a dodgy campsite.
  2. The coaches’ plan is to make you run and do stretches until you want to throw up. And they’ve also confiscated your mobile phones!
  3. Your best friend discovers the Lost Clue of a legendary treasure hunt with a prize of MILLIONS, but you need to solve it in the six days of the camp and without anyone finding out. It’s as if your head now has a countdown clock!
  4. Your archenemy is an idiot and lets the girl that you like go, giving you the opportunity of a lifetime.
  5. And everyone thinks that you, as well as being small, are also obsessed with making lists, although it’s obviously not true at all…

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