Mercedes Ron

Your fault
(Culpa tuya (Culpa Mía 2))

Young Adult Literature

Publisher: Montena


ISBN: 9788490438633

Mercedes Ron returns with the second part of the Wattpad success My Fault. A novel in line with such international best sellers as After or Badboy’s girl.

Nicholas Leister was created to suck the life out of me. Tall, blue eyes, hair as dark as the night… Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well not so much when you find out that he’s going to be your stepbrother and, on top of that, he embodies everything that you’ve been running away from as far back as you can remember.

«Danger» was the first word that came to mind when I met him. Then, how did I end up falling for him? Easy –those eyes can turn your world upside down.

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