Miguel Gane

Just To See You Fly
(Con tal de verte volar)

Urban Poetry

Publisher: Aguilar

Publish date: 02-01-2017


ISBN: 9788403517806

More than twenty thousand followers on Twitter, his texts are Internet anthems. Member of a new generation that has changed the way of writing poetry and tales


His poems—reminiscent of both tweets and free verse—are a simple invitation to be moved. In them he offers love and wings to fly, with a spontaneous language and the fluidness of prose, while speaking sincerely to his readers about the deepest, most exalted emotions.

Changing his name to Miguel Gane gave him the courage to pick up a pen. Then he made the leap to the social networks, making himself heard through poems such as «Madrid es ella» and «Después, mañana.»

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