Irene G Punto

Fogged Film
(Carrete velado)

Urban Poetry

Publish date: 03-10-2016


ISBN: 9788403501836

A blend of photography and incisive, short, spot-on poetry that allows for reader interaction on social networks.

When a roll of film gets fogged it’s because Poetry fell in love with the images it contains. Ever since Irene G. Punto discovered that, she’s been searching for a way to see the images hidden behind each of the photos that Poetry fogs. This volume is the result of her work: she reveals each image that Poetry covered with love, along with the poem that has been fogging it for so many years.

But as soon as Poetry realized what Irene was up to, it didn’t want to let her reveal any more images. This is where the reader comes in, to finish her work. Using hashtags, readers can upload their own photographs inspired by the poems yet to be discovered. thus using social media to help the author complete the revelation of that fogged roll of film.

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