Begoña Prats

Baby-led weaning. 70 recipes for your child to eat alone
(Baby-led weaning)

Publisher: Grijalbo

Publish date: 05-11-2017


ISBN: 9788416449835

Introductory book to baby-led weaning with recipes to begin practicing this kind of feeding.

Starting at about six months, babies can begin to eat solid food to supplement the nutrients they get from breast milk or formula. The baby-led weaning (BLW) suggests forgetting about purées and baby food and offers the baby solid foods cooked in a way so that they can feed themselves. This way, the youngster learns to eat independently, chew, swallow the correct amounts, regulate what they eat and identify when they feel full, which will help them develop a much healthier relationship with food. It also fosters their curiosity, works fine psychomotricity and is a very positive sensory stimulation.

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