Ángela Armero

Dusk in the parks
(Anochece en los parques)

Young Adult Literature

Publisher: Nube de Tinta


ISBN: 9788490436530

Winner of the Jaén Prize for Young Adult Fiction 2016

Laura’s life is not easy. When her brother died suddenly two years earlier, her life fell apart. That’s when the visits to the psychologist start, the pills, her parents’ over-protectiveness, and worst of all, the bullying at school.


















































One day, Laura meets a boy in the library and falls hopelessly in love with him. Alexei looks like the perfect boy: attractive, the son of diplomats, he’s studying to be a pilot, and loves books as much as Laura and, most of all, he seems to like her as well. However, Alexei has a secret that he doesn’t dare share with Laura…




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