Raquel Díaz Reguera

Grannies From A to Z
(Abuelas de la A a la Z)

Children and Young Adult

Publisher: Lumen


ISBN: 9788448834722

In the magical universe of grannies you can find the tastiest recipes, the best memories and the sweetest candies.

Fanciful grannies tiptoe to catch dreams while other grannies travel around the world or weave the greatest stories. And there are also witch grannies who want to turn kids into flower vases. They all have their secrets, their favorite objects and their own particular scents. What all grandmothers have in common is that they have crossed many days off their calendars, they all know what a report card is, and they all have grandchildren, which is how they earned the title «Granny.» There are many grandmothers all around the world. We’ve all met one, or many, our own or someone else’s. Your grandmother may be many types of grannies all at the same time. There’s an explanation for that: after centuries of countless genetic mixtures, there are grannies who are the sum of many grandmothers. When you are done studying the twenty-nine kinds of grannies these experts have classified, you’ll be ready to identify and analyze any granny you come across.

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