Isaac Rosa / Mikko

Your Future Starts Here
(Tu futuro empieza aquí)

Children and Young Adult

Publish date: 09-07-2017


ISBN: 9788416588701

Isaac Rosa’s new graphic novel explores the social issue of the NEET (*Not in Education, Employment or Training) generation, a generation of young people without a future.


After revealing the drama of eviction in Here Lived, Isaac Rosa now treats the subject of where young people find themselves in today’s society. Some are qualified but can’t find work, others don’t get the necessary qualifications, as seen in the high drop-out rate of our education system; a generation of young people without a future: the NEETs.


If a graphic novel is the perfect way of approaching these moving and real-life stories, Isaac Rosa is the perfect person to write it, because of his huge skill as a storyteller and his sharp point of view when it comes to social issues like this.


Key issues that affect lots of people in today’s society are tackled in a visually-enticing way in the form of a graphic novel.

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