Xevi Verdaguer

Transform Your Health
(Transforma tu salud)

Commercial Non-Fiction


ISBN: 9788425353826

In day to day life, we suffer different aches and pains that we treat individually with medication: migraines, chronic pain, fatigue, menstrual pains, muscle cramps and anxiety…

Xevi Verdaguer, an orthopedic surgeon and a specialist in neuro-immunology, explains the vision of integrative medicine and shows us how we can treat these ailments both easily and naturally at the same time by helping us understand our own bodies better, listening to them and being more active when it comes to our own health.


This book sets out a revolutionary way of thinking about how our bodies work that will change the way we understand our health and improve it radically. The secret: nutrition and the reduction of toxic products (like products that contain parabens as well as plastic bags, aerosols, make up and pesticides…)


One of the main themes of this book is female hormonal healthcare: premenstrual pains, myoma, fibrocystic breasts and endometriosis all indicate that there is some buildup of estrogen in the body that will lead to symptoms like eczema, migraines, joint pains, anxiety, constipation, liquid retention and difficulty losing weight. If we know how to recognize these secondary effects, we can, through nutrition, solve the problem at its cause and stop taking endless amounts of medication as well as notably improving our quality of life.


After understanding what causes this excess of estrogen, we ask ourselves if it’s normal to, for example, take laxatives regularly or have painful menstruations that incapacitate lots of women and make them gorge on medication. We can stop using creams for most eczemas and ibuprofens for headaches and even reduce incidences of anxiety and depression.


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