Ana Punset

The Red Sneakers Club 4: We Are The Best!
(El Club de las Zapatillas Rojas 4. ¡Somos the best!)

Children and Young Adult

Publish date: 02-12-2015


ISBN: 9788490434086

Lucía and her friends are back in school and closer than ever! This year the school is organizing a sports festival and the girls decide to sign up for the volleyball competition. But since Marta is still in Berlin they ask Alba to join them, even though she is a bit shy and doesn’t quite fit in… Meanwhile, Lucía is spending a lot of time with Eric and the rest of the girls miss her. Marta’s romance with Kay is not the same, Frida is jealous of one of Marcos’ friends, and Bea doesn’t know if she should go out with Aitor or not… and Lucía is missing out on everything! Will she lose her friends’ trust?

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