Amaia Cía Abascal

Sarah and Ulysses 4. Sarah is a Santimbanqui
(Sara y Ulises 4. Sara es una saltimbanqui)

Children and Young Adult

Publish date: 09-05-2013


ISBN: 9788448837891

Sarah can’t jump rope. She can play ball, and hide and seek, but she can’t skip. At school, all her friends jump rope. On sunny days, they jump, and on cloudy days too. And when it rains they all look up in the sky and wait for it to stop, and then they start jumping again. Ulysses can’t sleep without snoring or have only a couple of cookies when he has a whole box, nor he can’t leave the house wearing a bow tie that doesn’t match much his sweater, but he can tell when Sarah is sad. And now, she is sad because she can’t jump rope. How can he cheer her up?

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