Anita Mejía

Mejía and The Great Tilingo
(Ruido. Mejía y el gran tilingo)

Graphic Novel

Publisher: Lumen

Publish date: 01-01-2017


ISBN: 9786073150361

Mejía discovers one of her greatest fears: a little creature called a «Tilingo». The definition her intelligent cat Froo gives of a tilingo is that it’s a tiny negative thought that can multiply exponentially. The harmless little ones can give way to the most deadly of them all: The Great Tilingo, which is when you are enveloped in the most absolute desperation.


So from then on, Mejía tries to rid herself of those thoughts, employing various means. Along the way she meets Mingus, her spoiled new baby kitten, and Macaroni, the dumb one in the group. Macaroni is mute, although it’s unclear whether that’s by choice, and doesn’t understand anything completely, but in spite of his dark past he always has a positive attitude.


Just like a dysfunctional family, in this bunch everybody has an opinion and a criticism to share. Their reflections invite readers to observe life and its dilemmas, and laugh as they recognize themselves in this motley group. This adorable adventure is humble and small, and everyone can relate to it.

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