Rubén Orozco

Frequently Asked Questions… About Hunting Vampires
(Preguntas frecuentes acerca de la peligrosa caza de vampiros)


Publisher: Random House

Publish date: 09-12-2017


ISBN: 9789588979809

The result of these memoirs is an entertaining and in-depth analysis of vampirology and also an unintentional, intelligent, sharp and wide-ranging analysis of love, loneliness and inherent dissatisfaction with life

What is a vampire? Is it true that they only come out at night? Are their fangs long, sharp and retractable? Do they have hair on their palms? Can they transform into bats? Do they have reflections in mirrors? How do you destroy them? What skills should a vampire hunter have? Which reference books should they turn to?

In these surprising memoirs, in a question and answer format, Facundo Sanguinetti, son of a wealthy businessman, tells how in spite of this he came to hold the position of vampire hunter. Thanks to the family money, Facundo travels the world in the footprints of his adversaries, and comes across mens who are so extraordinary, so artistic, so solitary and so daring, that, to him, they have to be vampires.

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