Amy Lab

But by your side
(Pero a tu lado)

Children and Young Adult

Publisher: Alfaguara

Publish date: 05-05-2016


ISBN: 9788420484068

Alexia is a student in high school. She is funny, intelligent and has many friends. But his love life is not at the same level. Actually, it has been rather disappointing so far, so this year Alexia has decided to focus solely on his studies. Of course not counted on the arrival of Oliver, his new neighbor puzzling.

Oliver is really attractive – like her friend Gaby strives to remind -, but in a wild manner that disturbs Alex. Oliver is hard and distant to the insolence but through those unexpected visits to her room, Alexia also discover a tender and passionate young man whose mystery will take them to the limit. And, sometimes, the real mystery, what makes our lives fascinating, it is closer than we think…

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