Gloria V. Casañas

Long Night Moon
(Noche de Luna Larga)

Women's Fiction

Publisher: Plaza & Janés

Publish date: 12-01-2016


ISBN: 9789506444037

Set in 1890, a zealous story of hope that links characters within various settings in the United States and Argentina


A soldier returns from South Dakota, where the 7th Cavalry Regiment massacred almost 250 Indians, including Chief Sitting Bull. He comes back from the Fort with his spirit broken by what he has witnessed.

On Christmas Eve, he has an accident and ends up lying by the side of the road. Juliana, an impetuous young woman finds him, but he refuses her help. Juliana is not dissuaded and ends up going to the soldier’s house in search of help. There she finds Ismael, the soldier’s buddy, who becomes her ally in the quest to bring the wounded man back to his old self.


But Juliana doesn’t know a very old secret that comes to light, changing all of their lives.

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