Vicky Grande

A Thousand Ways to Lose Yourself and Only One To Find Yourself
(Mil maneras de perderte y solo una de encontrarte (Colección #BlackBirds))

Children and Young Adult

Publish date: 05-11-2017


ISBN: 9788420485980

A trip through the various emotions a teenager con feel when they’ve lost something or someone and need to find themselves again.


The story of a teenage boy who, having grown tired of the life he led and without thinking, grabbed a backpack with all he needed inside, caught a bus and hit the road in search of a new life. A journey through different metaphorical cities in which he’ll find himself. At the end of the day, who we are has a lot to do with what happens to us.


A book that all young people, teenagers or twenty-somethings, will love and treasure. It also works as a good present because of its beautiful edition and wonderful illustrations.

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