Elsa Punset / Rocio Bonilla

The Great Ideas Contest
(Los atrevidos y el concurso de las ideas geniales (El taller de emociones 8))

Infant and Toddler

Publish date: 11-09-2017


ISBN: 9788448847852

A useful tool for children and parents to explore their own emotions.

The Intrepids are Alexia, Tasi and their dog Rocky. Together with the emotions coach, the seagull Florestán, each night they face fun and frenzied challenges that will help them learn how to handle their emotions: in other words, give them names, calm them down and transform them

In The Intrepids: The Great Ideas Contest, Alexia, Tasi and Rocky discover the creative power we all have inside of us thanks to their friend Florestán’s advice.

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