Miguel Gutiérrez

The Adventures of Mister Bauman de Metz and Other Stories
(Las aventuras del señor Bauman de Metz y otras historias)

Literary Fiction

Publish date: 05-01-2015


ISBN: 9786124244322

Las aventuras del señor Bauman de Metz y otras historias collects 12 stories that trace a cartography of the great themes and characters of Miguel Gutiérrez, an emblematic writer of 20th-century Peruvian prose. These include the erratic life of Kymper, a former communist guerrilla fighter haunted by his past; the tender passion of Xóchitl, who is unremorseful in her incestuous relationship with her brother Wenceslao; the eventful political activism of Mister Bauman de Metz, a French fugitive from the failed Paris Commune, and the youthful memories of Primorosa Villar, who was given up by her father in exchange for fighting cocks.

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