David Lafuente

The Dark Story of Jimmy Mortimer
(La negra historia de Jimmy Mortimer)

Children and Young Adult


ISBN: 9788490437858

Where do bad thoughts go when we have them?

Where do our dreams die and turn into nightmares?

Who controls the balance of light and darkness that makes us who we are?


Jimmy Mortimer is about to find out.


He’s never been very good at making friends and moving house all the time hardly helps. His only way of escaping it all is a notebook that he takes everywhere, and his sense of humor, which is somewhere in between dark and black.

But at his new house, he discovers that all of the stuff that makes us unhappy also acts as the key to open the portal to another world, and that he will need a guardian to watch this portal and keep all of the darkness inside.


«David Lafuente’s debut novel is about a young boy, daunted by reality, who manages to escape to a parallel world; with director Tim Burton and his liking for all things dark as the main points of reference.» La Vanguardia, 18/05/2017


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