Jaime Mesa

The Nonexistent Woman
(La mujer inexistente)

Literary Fiction


ISBN: 9786073155670

A story about ambitious novelists, keen for recognition and fame, delusional to the point of plagiarizing other works because of their desire for greatness. A no-holds barred story of a world of literature full of outward appearances, vested interests, hypocrisy and bad intentions.

Beatriz Mella, a mediocre writer and a teacher of narrative workshops, has for all of her life built relationships with the goal of literary recognition, fame, and posterity.

Unfortunately, another writer – who she is in love with – unapologetically plagiarizes the novel for which she had so much hope and he has a resounding literary triumph with it. It appears like Beatriz’s life is destined for failure; in her relationship with the other writer, her student, his success is coming between them. Then Beatriz meets a first-class author who has nevertheless seen himself relegated from the top tier of the literary sphere. He is almost looked down on by those who once respected him, because of a strange selective amnesia which has made him forget everything about writing. And then the story restarts…

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