Agustín Martínez

The Weed
(La mala hierba)

Commercial Fiction

Publisher: Plaza & Janés

Publish date: 05-04-2017


ISBN: 9788401019197

Can a fourteen-year-old girl be considered responsible for a murder? Is she a bad seed that needs to be nipped in the bud?  


Jacobo and his wife Irene suffer a home invasion by armed men, and she dies tragically while he is left in a coma. When Jacobo wakes up in the hospital months later, the police inform him that fourteen-year-old Miriam, the couple’s only child, is being held in a juvenile detention center. All signs point to Miriam having hired those men to kill her own parents.


Jacobo resists believing the charges and clings desperately to his daughter’s testimony: she accuses a third man, whom she always calls The Butcher. That is when Jacobo meets Nora, a lawyer who, of her own volition, has decided to defend Miriam. Their parallel investigations will culminate in a new terrible bombshell leading to a surprising and devastating finale.

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