Almudena Sánchez

The Acoustics of Igloos
(La acústica de los iglús (Caballo de Troya 2016, 5))

Literary Fiction

Publisher: Caballo de Troya

Publish date: 09-08-2016


ISBN: 9788415451730

Music infuses this collection of stories through its elegant, delicate, placid lines. Hidden behind an apparently gentle and banal appearance, there is a relentless criticism of our way of life.




Stuck between the harsh real world and their reverie, these characters accumulate absurd elements that move between the lyricism of dreams and more immediate reality.


The welcoming, bizarre pages of this collection are populated by such characters as a mother adrift on side roads with her two children in the backseat, a pair of elderly people on a cable railway fulfilling their final dream, a diligent student who ends up finding work as an astronaut…


Almudena Sánchez’s stories bet everything on the pipedream of a grownup adolescence, a playful adulthood, showing readers the unique vision of an author who tempers her style to turn the magical viscera of the world inside out.

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